Nature provided us with a very efficient covering - the skin. Healthy skin is very effective as a first line of defence, but in the present environmnet where harsh chemicals, dyes, fuels, lubricants, paints, water and air pollutants, etc. are such an integral part of everyday life, the skin can surely use a little help in doing its job. DERMA SHIELD helps maintain healthy skin by protecting it from corrosives and irritants while providing nurturing moisturisers.

DERMA SHIELD is a non-greasy, non-toxic, proprietary formulation offering maximum protection which can be applied to any area of the skin. It provides a barrier against continued aggravation of abused sensitive skin and aids in halting the continuation of skin irritation even after repeated washings. DERMA SHIELD does not wash off the skin, but rather disappears by sublimation as the dead skin cells to which it is attached slough off. For maximum protection, DERMA SHIELD should be reapplied every 4-5 hours.

DERMA SHIELD offers the extra protection the skin needs by creating a microscopic shield that protects the skin against penetration by undesirable elements. It does this whilst allowing the skin to breath normally - a process that is essentail for good health. DERMA SHIELD has been clinically and laboratory tested and proven effective in protecting the skin against penetration by most skin abusers. In addition users say how good DERMA SHIELD is at helping with dermatitis, eczema & psoriasis.

GLOVES: Users often report how DERMA SHIELD makes gloves more comfortable to wear by reducing excess sweating. DERMA SHIELD also protects the skin from any irritations that can sometimes occur after prolonged glove usage. This all ensures that users wear gloves when needed and that the gloves are replaced far less frequently.

SKIN CONDITION: DERMA SHIELD contains high-grade pharmaceutical moisturisers that ensure the skin dosen't dry out under even the driest conditions. It also ensures that any problems that have been caused previously due to drying are quickly reversed. DERMA SHIELD contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that nurture the skin and in conjunction with the moisturising and protection guarantee to keep your skin in prime condition. After regular use skin will not only be in better condition but will also be cleaner. DERMA SHIELD also helps to clear up any other pre-existing skin problems. Recent trials thave shown clear up rates for contact Dermatitis as high as 97%



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